Registration for RoboParty®2014 opened

The RoboParty® is organized by University of Minho and "SAR - Soluções de Automação e Robótica". It is a 3-day and 2-night "non-stop" event where youngsters learn how to build a mobile and autonomous robot with specialized supervision, in a simple and funny way. Besides the basic training on electronics, programming and mechanics, participants have also many activities with plenty of enjoyment. This event is to be held in the University of Minho sports pavilion, in Guimarães, Portugal, on 6th to 8th March 2014. The registration is now open until the 5th February, but it will be over when the limit of 100 teams is reached. For more information:

Registration web site:
Web site:


Contest - "À Descoberta da Luz” 4th edition (2018)

"À Descoberta da LUZ - 4th edition (2018)


RoboParty 2018

A 12ª edição da RoboParty® já tem data marcada. Irá decorrer nos próximos dias 22 a 24 de Março de 2018 na Universidade do Minho, em Guimarães.
As inscrições já se encontram abertas, mas atenção porque as inscrições são limitadas.


RoboParty 2017 - Lisboa Games Week

RoboParty 2017 - Lisboa Games Week - is held 16-19 November (Lisbon, Portugal).
Join RoboParty for another robot and knowledge party. Registration opened since August 17


Barcelona will host HSCI2018

15th International Conference on Hands on Science “Advancing Science. Improving Education”, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Biology, Barcelona, July 16th to 20th, 2018.