School Robotics Comenius teacher training courses in 2014

The Hands-on Science Network is planning on organizing three sessions of in-service teacher training in the field of robotics in 2014. A special focus will be placed on the hands-on IBSE and constructivism pedagogical theories. Particular issues of great importance as the use of ICT and gender problems will be discussed and examples of good practice presented. Languages of training are English, Spanish and Portuguese. Teachers involved with pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, and special needs education, teacher trainers, educational counselors, principals/managers of schools and some other professionals are eligible for these courses. Participants will be invited to share their experiences in educational robotics after the course in future Hands-on Science conferences. A complete course information is available through the Comenius and Grundtvig Training database at


Barcelona will host HSCI2018

15th International Conference on Hands on Science “Advancing Science. Improving Education”, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Biology, Barcelona, July 16th to 20th, 2018.


HSCI 2017 - International Conference on Hands-on Science

14th International Conference on Hands-on Science


“À Descoberta da LUz” 3rd edition (2017)

“À Descoberta da LUZ” 3rd edition (2017)


RoboParty 2017

RoboParty 2017 (2-4 March 2017, Guimarães, Portugal)

Join RoboParty for another robot and knowledge party.

Registration opened


Children's Summit

The thought of creating a platform on which children could come together to express their outlook