"Hands-on Science – Romania" participates in the Creative Little Scientists project

Through its Centre for Science Education and Training – CSET (education.inflpr.ro/), the Laser Metrology and Standardization Laboratory, department in the National Institute For Laser, Plasma And Radiation Physics of Romania, coordinates the national educational network "Hands-on Science – Romania", part of the International Hands-on Science Network. The Laboratory participates in the Creative Little Scientists project in the areas of science and mathematics education in early childhood. The 4th project meeting for Creative Little Scientists took place in Panormos, Crete in Greece from 5 to 7 July 2013. Partners discussed all the project issues and the strategy to follow as the project reaches its completion in March 2014. The final meeting for the project will take place after the project's Final Conference and will be held in Athens, Greece in March 2014. Read about the project current status at the project website www.creative-little-scientists.eu/home.


Barcelona will host HSCI2018

15th International Conference on Hands on Science “Advancing Science. Improving Education”, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Biology, Barcelona, July 16th to 20th, 2018.


HSCI 2017 - International Conference on Hands-on Science

14th International Conference on Hands-on Science


“À Descoberta da LUz” 3rd edition (2017)

“À Descoberta da LUZ” 3rd edition (2017)


RoboParty 2017

RoboParty 2017 (2-4 March 2017, Guimarães, Portugal)

Join RoboParty for another robot and knowledge party.

Registration opened


Children's Summit

The thought of creating a platform on which children could come together to express their outlook